Enter one college that interests you. We'll find others like it.

Developed by college admission experts, CollegesLike is a free, online tool that helps students find a short list of great colleges for admission. It is especially helpful to those applicants who may have limited or no access to counselors and coaches.

By finding similarities and differences between institutions, CollegesLike uses an advanced algorithm and a search engine to identify ten colleges that an applicant should consider. Rather than trying to examine over 3,400 colleges and universities in America, an applicant can focus on a few, and their searches are far more efficient.

CollegesLike is the first in a suite of new tools, all of which will be free and available online, that will help people find great colleges and apply for admission. Try it today!

Save time! It's really, really fast.

The average CollegesLike user can create a list of colleges that they are interested in
learning more about in only 10 minutes. And a lot of users report that it's really fun too!

What if I'm stuck?

In order to use CollegesLike, you need to start with one college that you're kind of interested in attending. If you don't know what college to begin with, here are some ways you can get started:

- Ask a school guidance counselor or teacher if they can suggest a college for you.

- Ask a friend who graduated from your high school a year or two earlier to recommend a college.

- Ask a friend who has similar grades and school activities if they can recommend a college.

- Visit any local college. It doesn’t matter if you want to enroll there or not. You’re just there to get a sense of what you like. You can take a free campus tour by signing up on the Admission Office’s website.

Take your college search process in the right direction!

Most college applicants and their parents cannot reasonably review thousands of institutions. It's just impossible. So what most people do is create a haphazard list of institutions that they have heard of. That's not a great way to conduct a search. You need a tool to quickly and efficiently cut through thousands of colleges, and arrive at a manageable list. With CollegesLike, you'll use science and professional expertise to put together a list of colleges.

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