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If you’ve ever thought, “There ought to be a way to use the Internet to carry a lot of the work I do so that I can concentrate my energy on more targeted support of students,” CollegesLike carries that load for you. CollegesLike was created because College Counselors, their students, and family members need better and Free tools to support the great work that you already do.

What CollegesLike Does

CollegesLike is like Khan Academy for the college search and application process. Using super-fast video messages (for a TikTok generation), we take the basic information about college admission and present it in a fast, online format. Kids can watch our core instructional videos in 70 minutes and have a new vocabulary and understanding about colleges. They can also get information about specific colleges, create a list of colleges they are most interested in, and share it with you.

When we created CollegesLike, we assumed our students and their families knew almost nothing about college admission. So our content starts at the very beginning, but more advanced users can drop-in at any point to pick up more information. The ability to surgically drop in at the right point and get up to speed should be tremendously helpful to you. And can we stress once more how fast CollegesLike is?

How is CollegesLike Different?

  • Everything is 100% free. There are no subscriptions, no fees, and no ads.
  • We approached the college application in a comprehensive way, but users can jump in where they want to.
  • A cool video library of current college students and tour guides talking about their college.
  • We help students find colleges that are culturally similar to each other.
  • Use use Google Maps to show students where colleges are located .
  • We didn’t focus on the SAT and ACT in our college advising work. We believe tools based on test scores will be useless soon.
  • Students can save their college research in a feature called, The Backpack. Then they can share it with you, and you can give quick feedback for those targeted conversations students need.

How to Use CollegesLike to Create a Streamlined College Counseling Program?

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